Week 14 Podcast

December 2, 2010

\\//\\//elcome to week 14 of the World is Open class.

The topic of this week is Podcasting, Vodcastin, and Coursecasting.



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  • Cesur

    Salam, Hesham.

    I think you should like your voice because you have a nice voice and your podcasts are so clear, smooth and understandable. : Also, you have been using podcasting very effectively since the beginning of the semester.

    I agree with the points you talked. I am thinking of podcasting from podcaster’ and listener’ perspectives. From podcaster’ perspective I believe it is really useful for podcasters to reflect and share what you think about specific contents. From listeners’ perspectives, it also useful to look at the specific contents from the others views. However, podcasting may not be effective tools for every listeners. For example, when I listen a podcast, they make me sleepy (except your podcasts) because of lack of visualization. So I mean if you use them in education, instructors should be aware of the fact that podcasting may not effective for every student.

    Best, Cesur

    Dec 4, 2010 at 4:36 pm