Week 12 Podcast

December 2, 2010

\\//\\//elcome to week 12 of the world is open class.

This week's topic is educational blogging.



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  • Cesur

    Salam Hesham,

    Thanks for sharing your points on blogging and providing comments regarding my thoughts on my blog. As you mentioned, blogs establish interaction and collaboration between bloggers and readers by giving feedback and comments. These comments and feedback are really useful to see our weakness and strengthens on our content we post. I can say as a blogger that my blog enable me to transfer ideas in my mind to blog and make me think more about the contents. My blog also enable me to more productive and creative to express my ideas and gives me chance to realize what I have learned about the contents. Although blogs are useful tools, I wonder how many of us who use blogs will keep posting their ideas on their blogs. I mean how we can have motivation to keep writing blogs after this course.

    Best, Cesur

    Dec 5, 2010 at 1:18 am