Week 11 Podcast

December 2, 2010

\\//\\//elcome to week 11 of the World is Open Class.

The topic for this week's podcast is Alternate Reality Learning: Massive Gaming, Virtual Reality, and Simulations

Enjoy !


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  • Cesur

    Hi Hesham,

    In addition to your points, I would like to talk about online game, World of War which can be used by a lot player from around the world. This game offers to chat among players. One of this week’s articles states this game create informal learning environment in which players can ask question the others who do not know each other and learn the rules, strategies, and resources spontaneously from them. Also, online gaming is a really good tool to make students motivated to teach subjects. Furthermore, games help for students to increase their critical thinking and problem solving by providing and putting players into some situation. If I remember correctly, you have children and I believe you encourage them to play games to strengthen their cognitive abilities. Also, games set up social and participatory learning environment for players

    Best regards, Cesur

    Dec 5, 2010 at 12:58 am