Week 10 Podcast

December 1, 2010

Hello and Welcome to week 10 of the World is Open Class.

Today's Topic is Interactive and collaborative learning

Enjoy !


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  • Cesur

    Hello Hesham,

    Yes, Hesham. Our speaker, Rita, gave a nice speech about interactive and collaborative learning on language learning. They are doing really good job with collaborative learning by providing language teacher from different countries.

    Technology is essential to establish interaction and collaboration among people from different countries via internet. In order to eliminate lack of feeling and emotion to understand each other, some communication tools can be used. For example, as you know, I think breeze is a good way to establish interaction and collaboration with participants because it allows them to see, hear and talk to each other, provide real time chat session, share files and more.

    Best, Cesur

    Dec 4, 2010 at 11:52 pm